Monday, May 20, 2013

China Glaze: Seeing Stripes- Blue Zebra Nail Appliques

I've decided since the smell of polish is irritating me lately that nail appliques are better than no naked nails :)
I picked up a ton of nail appliques as a solution for naked nails until I have our baby. I started with China Glaze Seeing Stripes in blue... a blue zebra pattern. These are quite easy to do and I can't believe I didn't think of nail apps before!
How you apply apps:
1- lightly buff naked nail
2- wipe with rubbing alcohol to clean off dust and oils
3- choose size of nail app for each nail
4- pick and adhere to one nail at a time
5- smooth out with cuticle stick or with hand (if your hands are warm, I find it helps the app to be more flexible and smooth easier)

These photos were after 4 days of wear (longer than I wear manis these days) and I only had one small chip on my right hand and very little tip wear; you wouldn't notice unless you looked closely.  Another thing I like about nail apps besides their ease to apply is that you can put them right up to your cuticle (push it back before you apply them) so it makes your nails look even longer, making it an ideal solution for shorter nails.

I have more nail apps coming up including some from OPI and I'll post them as I wear them, love these things!


  1. I need to try these still they intimidate me lol! These are very pretty!

  2. these are sooo cutee!! love it!

  3. That is awesome you are expecting! I love the blue with zebra stripes. They are a great alternative for low maintenance nails.


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