Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Gel Mani with Gold Stamping using BM 314

Hi Monkeys, today I have a different type of mani for you. I used IBD Black Lava gel polish then stamped over it using Bundle Monster 314's filigree pattern. I did an accent finger with a gold gel polish I have, but I sponged it on so you could still see the black for a bit of contrast. 

 If you're wondering how to stamp over a gel polish, here's what I do (I use the Sensationail LED light)
Lightly buff bare nail then cleanse with alcohol or acetone- apply base coat and cure- apply 2 coats of color, curing after each coat- wipe residue with alcohol  on a lint free wipe- stamp nail (I use regular polish for stamping)- apply gel top coat and cure- wipe off residue with alcohol and lint free wipe.

If you do gel nails and stamp over them, let me know and I'll feature them here for everyone to see. I love this because it lasts so much longer than a traditional stamped mani, especially in black or white.

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