Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Gradient with Stamping

Hi Monkeys, today I have a bit of a gradient stamping mani for you. I used SinfulColors new metallics: Pine Away, Red Eye and stamped with Gold Medal. While the green and red don't create a natural gradient (they're not complimentary colors) I like the way it turned out. I did a nude base coat so it would appear more opaque then stippled it on with a sponge. I finished my  mani using NOPI's quick dry top coat and used their amazing smelling Oil To Go (hence the shiny skin). It was hard to get all the shimmer off of my skin from sponging and it required lots of acetone, so the Oil To Go really helped my cuticles to get quenched and not be white and dried out. Overall, a cute mani even though red and green is an odd pairing for a gradient.

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