Monday, January 20, 2014

Milani: Gold Label Swatches- new for 2014

These are Milani's new colors they have added to the Gold Label line which includes a wide brush and retail for $4.69 in CVS stores and will launch in February 2014!
Individual swatches after the jump...

 A coral that leans towards red, creme, 2 coats
 Vibrant soft pink creme, 2 coats
 Bright pink creme, 2 coats (love this one!)
 A true violet creme proving hard to photograph as expected
 A blue leaning periwinkle creme, 2 coats
A great soft medium jade creme, 2 coats
These all include the wide brush, which I love and the colors are unique enough that they're a great addition to the gold label line for Milani. Their creme polishes melt on the nail to settle with no brush strokes (I appreciate this a lot!). Plus, they're easy to find at CVS stores and are affordable, so it's always a win with Milani. Most of their polishes do stamp too so that's an added bonus!

*press sample*

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