Sunday, January 19, 2014

Milani: New Glitters for 2014

Milani has new glitters that are part of their Gold Label line, and I'm showing these separate from the rest of the Gold Label additions so you can appreciate them more :) These have a flat brush, are $4.69 and can be found in CVS stores in February 2014. Individual swatches after the jump and as always, click on the picture to make it larger.
And now for the swatches!

 A faint pink glitter of medium hex, small circles, shredded glitter in a clear base
 Matte baby blue and black hexes mingled with a shiny red and gold small round glitters, with a hint of big shredded silver glitters all in a clear base 
 Large and medium matte lime green hex glitter with small gold glitters mingling with matte lime bar glitters in a clear base
 Multi colored medium hex glitter: coral, blue, gold, dark blue, yellow, orange all in a clear base
Larger hex glitters in a clear base: light green, holo, light orange, white
My least favorite of the bunch because I'm not that into bar glitters, but this one is pretty dense: large and medium white matte hex glitters mingled with magenta and purple iridescent bar glitters in a clear base

*press sample*

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