Saturday, January 18, 2014

Milani: New Colors for 2014- Core Line, swatches

These are all from the regular line for Milani. They have the skinny brushes, retail for $3.99, 3 free, are glossy in finish and are chip resistant. Available in February at CVS stores.
 A mauve creme rich in pigment, opaque in two coats
 The perfect neutral creme, 2 coats for full opacity
 A frosted red-orange that has great shimmer from light
 Plum purple with golden shimmer that reflects light well, 2 coats
 2 coats of this creme does the trick (also stamps!)
A terracotta or burnt orange-red creme, 2 coats 
 Cremey pink with purple undertones, pretty unique
 Dusty lavender creme has never looked so good!
Glitter topper that has MAJOR shimmer to it and flashes green but is made up of gold glitter and shimmers, pretty awesome topper!
The perfect conservative peach creme, 2 coats
I'm quite happy with the additions to this line, I just wish that these had the wide brushes too because they're too great not to! Even this line however dries quickly so it's a good trade off. 

*press samples*

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