Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jamberry Mani- Mixed Media\Patterns

Hi Monkeys, I had some friends over for a Jamberry party and thought I'd share 2 manis that I did. The idea was to have mixed textures, patterns and colors- a mixed media mani. While I don't remember the exact colors used, I can give you an idea of how to achieve the look.

First up was a simple skittle mani using mostly the OPI Brazil collection (the index finger is the new NOPI core collection purple). Jamberry accent was an animalish print with a multi colored gradient underneath so I played off of those colors. Very Spring inspired and fun!

Next up was more of a mixed media mani and I love how this turned out. The accent finger is Jamberry- it's a minty green with yellow polka dots. The little finger is Don't Bossa Nova Me Around (OPI Brazil) with three matte black rhinestones, the middle is Zoya Cosmo (Magical Pixie), index finger is OPI 4 In The Morning (Gwen Stefani) with two light blue rhinestones, top coated then matted.. the thumb was Milani white as a base followed by chevron nail vinyls painted over in Milani Black Swift, then removed to show the chevron design.

Each mani is quite different and unique. I like each for completely opposite reasons: the first for the pops of color and who doesn't like a skittle mani, and the second for the mixed patterns and textures.

Overall, two pretty cool manis.


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