Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mixed Media Acrygel Mani

 Recently I did this adorable mani for a friend's daughter and there's alot more going on here than just a mixed media mani. Recently I've been using an acrygel method on my nails. I read about it and watched a video from Chickettes (have you seen this site, it's amazing!). Acrygel is a gel mani but you sprinkle acrylic powder then cure it under your light for added reinforcement.
I used this method for this mani as well. I added some fun animal print, a black matte stud and more. let's take a look!
 I love how this mani turned out, I used IBD Whipped Cream for the white and Black Lava for the black. I topped the black with a Laquistry polish. The animal spots are NOPI ...... and the black stripes and outline of the spots were done using Milani Black Swift. If you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen this mani :)
What do you think of acrygel? It's easier to remove than regular gels in my opinion as well because it comes off in one nice sheet.


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