Saturday, August 23, 2014

Norse Waterfall Tips

 Hi Monkeys, today I have a little easy nail art (barely, more like a spiced up creme manicure) mani for you today. I used 2 polishes from the OPI Nordic collection. I did two coats of Ice-bergers & Fries (medium brown creme, kind of reddish) and then with a striper brush I did some different length lines starting from the tip of the nail with My Voice Is A Little Norse. I love this glitter- silver and holographic goodness and it's very dense! This would probably have looked even better if I added in a lighter brown like Going My Way Or Norway? yes.


  1. This is pretty! I like the glittery tips.

  2. I just joined the bay area bloggers group and wanted to check out your blog. Love all the nail posts :)


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