Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Kitties that Glow

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 Halloween time Monkeys! I'm not sure when purple became a standard Halloween color, but it's a bandwagon I was more than happy to jump on. I used two coats of Milani Imperial Purple then stamped black Halloween cats on 2 fingers only. I wanted to show off SinfulColors Splatter Spell because it has some shredded glitter mingled with hexes and all orange and black, really fun glitter! I did one coat on my index and little finger and dabbed glitter around the stamped cats. Whenever I do a single image stamp that doesn't take up my whole nail, I like to add glitter in to make it pop and be more interesting. I also used SinfulColors glow in the dark top coat under a black light to show you it's pigment (I did this mani during the day so photos in the dark was not an option). I had to restamp the ring finger cat and ended up taking off some of the glow in the dark so you can see the difference, but for this purpose, I'm ok with it, plus it kind of looks like a moon or spooky clouds.

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  1. The cats look great and cool that is glows in the dark too.


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