Friday, October 31, 2014

Sally Hansen: Salon Effects Nail Stickers Halloween edition!

Happy Halloween monkeys! I have a little something different for you today- Sally Hansen Salon Effects! These are all Halloween themed but they're different finishes. The haunted house scene is a great glow in the dark set (excited about this one!), the glitter set is really cute silver skulls on black glitter with a pink glitter bow (blurred for your glittery pleasure), and the foil set is super cute as well with lips and vampire fangs (love this!). The cool thing about the foil is that the black is super shiny too as a foil so it all shines and is eye catchy. The last set is the real lace and I didn't use those yet because they weren't strictly Halloween, so I'll post something fun with those soon. Overall very cute Halloween edition Salon effects and I had fun spreading the Halloween spirit with friends to try these out! 
They're super easy to do by the way: cleanse and dry your nail, peel the sticker off and apply, then trim down the decal and file off the excess. Add a top coat to seal it in if you'd like. They now come off with warm water and peel right up! Couldn't be easier!

Keep an eye out for Fall, Winter, Holiday themed ones as well! 

Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips ($9.99):  The no dry time nail polish strips now available in Skull and Crossbows, Hallowscene, Kiss my face and Little Black Lace

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