Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zoya: Ultra Pixie Dusts for Winter 2014

I have the new Zoya Ultra Pixie Dusts for you today! These are all used with no base coat and no top coat. I apply them in thin coats and more are opaque than others. Don't let the fact I used 3 coats scare you away, I do it really thin because I'm not patient for dry time, 2 would do just fine!
These are available now HERE and sell for $10 each. Great product if you are looking for something different for this holiday season!
A raspberry red textured glitter polish, 3 thin coats for this one
 Beautiful! Plum purple with hints of reds and pink in the glitters
A cherry red texture, 3 coats and lots of glitter!

*press samples*


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