Wednesday, January 14, 2015

OPI: Gwen Stefani - holiday 2014 swatches, part 1

Hi Monkeys, Happy New Year! I have the first part of the very large polish collection from Gwen Stefani that was released for the holiday 2014 season.
Here we go!
A red creme that is a bit jelly and has a some orange intentions
A true red creme that is a show stopper with blue undertones!
A true red that isn't quite a creme but not a jelly.. just squishy fun
A stunning red shimmer creme with fantastic glass flecks of goodness
A deep red\maroon crelly.. not really a creme, not really a jelly
A deep rich purple with a hint of shimmer, love this one!
A super dark purple\red\burgundy creme
 A deep forest green creme with amazing coverage

These are just a few of the new Gwen Stefani colors... more in another post. So far, there are lots... LOTS of reds.. makes sense because it's Gwen's signature color but.. may be a little over kill on the reds.. unless you really love reds. Personally, I can only wear warm colored reds so I'm biased :)

*press samples*

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