Friday, March 27, 2015

Milani: Spring 2015 releases- make up madness!

Milani Cosmetics has a ton of new products out for Spring 2015; so many that I've had to break it down into multiple posts to give you a thorough tour of the goods!

Milani's fierce foil eyeshadows are a whole new thing I have never seen! They are creamy and apply with a rubber applicator and are super duper shiny. The application takes getting used to because it is slippery.... yes, slippery and creases on the eye like instantly. If you could layer it over a similar powder shade, it would probably be best because the effect is awesome.
These come in 4 palettes: Milan (neutrals), Rome (purples), Florence (bronzes), Venice (blues) and retail for $9.99 and are available at drug stores or HERE online.
Top: Milan
Bottom: Florence
They retail for $9.99 and if they appeal to you, I'd try out one first to see if you can handle the application. I really wanted to love the Venice set but realistically, it creased the most and was most noticeable so the Florence tones would be more my speed. 

*press sample*

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  1. They look pretty but yikes about the application of them.


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