Wednesday, June 24, 2015

OPI: Infinite Shine swatches

There are some new OPI Infinite Shine polishes out recently and here's some swatches for you!

I love the name of this shade, Never Give Up, and the color too! A shade or two darker than Set in Stone, it's a dark brown, slight purple undertone. I didn't realize how similar the two shades were until I did a coffee tone inspired dotticure with Pretty Pink perseveres on the outside.
Another winning creamy formula that applied smoothly. 
(Two coats, IS system!) 
I do love me a rich cream brown. This has a hint of purple undertone that gives it dusty universally flattering shade. This wasn't too thick or thin, and practically applied itself! 
(I'm happy that the infinite shines wear so well on me, because I didn't want to take this off!) 
(Two coats, IS system...) :) 
This infinite shine shade of pink is the pale pretty petal I reach for. Soft, creamy, and not streaky. A little on the thin side for the typical IS formula, I needed a thinner first coat followed with a slightly heavier hand on the second. But, it dries quickly and stays shiny. (Two coats, and with the other swatches, I'm a rule follower and used the system!) 
This is one of those neutrals I want to love, but ends up giving me the heebie jeebies on my skin tone. It's a nice beige cream, with a bit of yellow undertones. I had no problems with the formula, it was a little thicker than their regular lacquer, but applied smoothly. Two coats gave me the coverage you see.
Does this system work over a different non Infinite shine base and top coat? I don't know, I'm a rule follower! (Shown over the IS base and a coat of IS top coat.) 

*press sample

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