Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nicole by OPI: Coca Cola 2015 Swatches

Hi Monkeys, some NOPI swatches for you today!

Silvery, shimmery, sparkly. with sparks of red. It is on the thinner side of the formula, and took a third coat for opaque coverage, but so worth it.
Hands down my favorite of the collection! (three thin coats over matte  & OPI top coat).
This is one of those tricky in the bottle colors that hint and greatness, but really shine when it's on the nail. It's a got a deep shimmer that is just amazing and a formula to match. Two easy coats over matte nail envy and Opi top coat. The inset is using a flash, check out how much it changes!
Ah, a shiny, glowy red. What's not to like, it's a classic! Two easy coats, only a hint of wanting to streak, but didn't.  And, because I was feeling festive... isn't this going to be perfect come December topped with Seriously Citrus? (Matte NE base and OPI Top Coat)

Ah, my favorite shade of orange! Tangy, bright, but not neon. However, this was a little finicky to apply. It wanted to be streak, it was a little thin, but in the end it was worth the extra work. This was three thin coats, and it smoothed nicely with a layer or top coat. 
A perfect juicy grape purple. It's a super smooth formula, and was rich and opaque after two coats. 
I wasn't sure about the Seriously Citrus glitter topper, but it was amazing over In Grape Demand. Great density, without being too much, I didn't have to dab and dot it laid down perfectly in one coat.

*press samples

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