Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fingper Paints: Project Runway & Hard As Steel Collections

 Finger Paints has 2 collections launching in April at Sally's... Project Runway and Hard as Steel (silver caps).. They're all great formulas, details below...I've combined the two in swatches for you... enjoy!!
Thank You Berry Much-This one feels a little fall, but it's another winning formula so I'll take it straight into my summer. 
Peek A Hue- Hot perfect for summer orange. A little on the thick side, but worth the slower application. 
I Have The Painters Hue- If I had to get one plum, this bottle is it. It's got the perfect finish, and is like butter.
Kiss Me Like Hue Mean It- Ugh, another perfect formula. It's squishy, opaque red, bright but beautiful.
Lavender Brushstrokes- Be still my purple loving heart. It's grape goodness in a bottle. 
A P-Ink Mess- Truly, nothing messy about this juicy magenta pink. It's squishy, and applies itself.
Party Teal Dawn- I personally adore the antique jaded teals and this one is two coat smooth beauty.
 50 Shades of Ashlehy- by itself its an interesting green washed shimmer... but over black, white, lavender love and alone you can see how the different base colors really bring out different facets in this sheer shade.
Lavender Love- I do so LOVE this lavender. Perfect two coat coverage and a gorgeous lavender shade. 
Beverly's Touch- Get. This. Gold. AMAZING. Beautiful coverage, beautiful color. Smooth, gilded perfection.
My Best Self-Portrait- Another chameleon! But this nude with subtle shimmer is a stunner. Two buttery coat coverage!
Stop! Impasto!- slate gray shimmer indoors and a milk chocolate stunner outside. Love this one and the formula is perfection!
Shut The Front Salvador- I love this type of pink. Medium bubblegum, smooth two coat coverage. Go light, its a little thick. 
Ink You Cute- Soft opaque pink - another easy two coater. 
Blushing With Excitement- Pretty pinked nude. Two coats of easy coverage.

*press samples*


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