Saturday, November 9, 2013

OPI: Muir Muir On The Wall- Matted

Love this look for fall, and most importantly, it's simple to accomplish in a hurry. I did two coats of Muir Muir on The Wall from OPI's San Francisco collection, then top coated it with SV for a great high shine. Then.... used OPI Matte over and it looks like velvet! I love this mani.. the rich brown undertones comes through especially when matted but if you choose to keep it glossy, you get fabulous deep merlot colors. I wasn't so sure about the matte trend coming back, it seemed so 2 years ago, but I'm glad it has. Muir Muir looks warm and fuzzy with a matte top coat and bold with a glossy top. Great versatile and easy mani.

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