Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hawaii 3- NOM!

I seriously love pineapples.. no really, they're like candy to me! Put them in a lava flow cocktail and I'm set! Now that you know the inspiration for this mani, the color is Sincul Colors Oasis and I stamped in Konad black special polish from OC Nail Art.  This mani is quite cute I think! 
The pineapples (plate M29), stamps amazing with the black SP, check out the detail... except don't look at my little finger because I had to re-stamp the bottom of the pineapple :)
I topped it off with Sally Hansen super shine, I avoided smudging, I'll have to try the Konad special top coat.

Pineapples are everywhere in Hawaii, but I have never seen them on nails... I'd like to think I'm starting a trend in the islands ;) Have you guys checked out the new tab I added to the site? :)

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