Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When 50 followers...

Aloha from Hawaii monkeys!
    As a push to get the last few followers so the blog reaches 50 and I can do a give away, I thought I'd share a tid bit of awesomeness I found today... I'm confident you guys will spread the monkey word and get up to 50 by Friday, so I thought I better be looking for Hawaiian swag to include and make good on my promise of a give away...
I found a polish that is exclusive to Hawaii.. you heard me correctly :) The line is really cute! I posted a picture of a flakey/glitter below to wet your appetite... It's a bit stormy here today and the sun is hiding so the picture is in "natural light" but it's cloudy light :) and it still sparkles!
Help get TMM to 50 followers and this plus some other fun nail polish stuff could be yours :) I'm really excited about this find and to be here to grab some for a giveaway! Make it happen, we're almost there and you guys have rocked!

1 comment:

  1. Now you have 41 followers :D
    Very pretty sparkly polish *drools*


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