Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lex Cosmetics- My Haggard Life

I know I said I was going to try more nudes... but... check out this chocolatey goodness! Purple is my top color but chocolate browns are my top neutrals/darks.  This was 3 coats; it can be opaque in 2 but my ocd kicked in ;) .. i topped it off with SV and did SV base.

first impressions: the bottle is adorbs- check it out, the odor is not strong (which is nice when you're swatching so you don't get loopy), the formula is creamy and does not run (easy to get coverage with).

Haggard life has a little bit of micro glitter in it... look close at your nails after you apply it- it's there and a wonderful surprise.  The chocolate color is great with mahogany undertones and with each layer you add it becomes more rich.  I provided a full hand shot because you have to see how this looks from a distance.. it's not gothy or obnoxious.

Other cool things about Lex Cosmetics :
~ they give back! to me this is a huge deal and a smart business decision as well.  Each polish has a charity (picked by consumers) which a donation is made.  Haggard Life's charity is Dress for Success which this color would be great to wear in a business environment :)
~ They are 3 Free- because who wants to torture their nails! (can read more about the harms on their site)
~ The company/polish was created by a 20 something and it shows in the fun young professional colors

I encourage you to read more about this company because it really is awesome that they are so involved in giving back and have such great ethics and it's important to know who you are buying from :)

Also- did you notice the blog is over 100 followers now? I'm going to add to the giveaway as a huge thanks to everyone!

*product provided for review, see my disclosure for more info*


  1. interesting color! the cap of the bottle is so cute.

    CONGRATS on 100 followers !

  2. Thanks! the cap is rad, it's easy to hold when you have little hands lol

  3. Oo, I've been wanting a chocolate color! I have to check this out :)

  4. Nice color! I reviewed Cayman Cabana from them today and I am in LOVE with that color.

  5. Kimmie, I'll have to check it out because that's such a pretty color too! I love how you can vote on colors!


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