Monday, March 21, 2011

What a Hottie!

I have a great layering polish for you to try out if you haven't already! Color Club's "Hottie" is a hex and round various size silver and blue glitters suspended in a clear blue polish.  I decided to layer it over Wet N' Wild "Black Creme".  I put 2 coats down of black and 2 layers of hottie.  I wish the sun was out when I was swatching so I could show the glittery goodness.  It still looks really cool in natural light- looks spacey if you ask me :)

The little glitter has a holo-ish feel to it.  Would be a great dark look to wear on a sunny day.  I tried Hottie over NYC Pier 17, which is a rich blue. It's amazing how the glitter stands out on this one too! It has a completely different look to it!  I topped off both with SV.

So, which base do you like better?

Check out Vampy Varnish's giveaway, it's pretty awesome :) here it is!

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