Monday, March 14, 2011

Teal or no Teal

outside with different base colors
Ok, first, I layered OPI Birthday Babe (silver metallic) (index and ring fingers) and Wet N Wild Black Creme (middle and little fingers) under Wet N Wild's Teal or no Teal.  This color was sheer and I thought it deserved a base to showcase it's capabilities.  Personally I like it over the black :)

 In the bottle TonT looks like it has a hint of duochrome, which is why I picked this one up, but it's more like a shimmery teal with hints of purple- which is still OK :) I topped it off with Sally Hansen Super Shine. This polish would look cute for newbie polish wearers, especially on their toes over a white polish!


  1. I think it looks cool over the black too. May be a bit too blue for my liking though... In my eyes, teal is greener lol

  2. I'll second that emotion- best over black, imho.


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