Friday, April 8, 2011

Dorothy Who? and a twist

 I really like OPI's Absolutely Alice but do not own it.  Instead I have China Glaze's "Dorothy Who?".  I thought I would also add some gold and silver glitter along with some of NYC Pier 17 polish to it and frankie it up a bit.

I started with a base of Pier 17 because Dorothy Who is a pretty sheer blue base.  I used two coats, not cleaned up :) .. what? don't judge me ;)

Here is a close up/side lit, so you can see the added glitter.. click to enlarge it..
 Middle finger is ChG DW and my ring finger is the extra stuff added in.. can you tell the different in the tone and the sparklies?

Here's a better picture showing the difference in the colors of the blue now.. it's a bit darker after fankening it and in my opinion, has much better glitter :)

I topped it off with Color Club's 0-60. This top coat is great, on me it works better than SV for when I keep a mani on for a few days. 

What do you think? Improvement on Dorothy Who or did I just ruin the polish?

Also check out Obsessed With Nails amazing monkey nail art she did for us!  Girl you have talent! Her art is so cute, she's doing a Disney theme right now!


  1. Think it looks magical with the added glitter :)

  2. thanks ladies, I was a bit worried but I think it's subtle enough and the few drops of black didn't harm it too much


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