Monday, May 23, 2011

CVS Haul

Ok, this is my first haul picture.  Some of you guys have commented on my last giveaway that you want to see my hauls.. well here we go... Thanks to Nouveau Cheap for pointing out the MAJOR CVS clearance that's going on.  Here's what I got, and expect to see quite a few of these in the next giveaway:

In no real order (and there are dupes of some):
Essie - $4.25
coat azure
sand tropez
french affair - $4.19

Sally Hansen- HD 1-8 is $1.85
HD Pixel Pretty x2
HD Cyber x2
Complete Salon Lavender Cloud- $2.12
Continuous treatment, growth formula $2.69

Revlon - $1.45

oh my magenta

Rimmel- $1.19
Marine Blue x2
Midnight Blue x2
violet Metal
Purple Rain

NYC - $0.49
penn station
greenwich village
west village
canal street

And I got some Carmex, but who cares about that!  Awesome right?!
for those that follow me on Twitter you have seen this already but here's the break down:

Was $127.80, spent $42.05, saved $85.75


  1. That's so cool!
    I went yesterday and my bill was $28 and paid $.93
    After that wet to Rite Aid and paid $1.33 instead of $28

  2. Carolina that's insane! LOL I love great sales, especially on nail polish!

  3. Wooh! That's awesome :) Were the Essies on clearance or just on sale? Because I need them LOL

  4. allison, they are normally $8.50 at my cvs and they were $4.25 so I consider that a cvs clearance but that's just my guess

  5. Hawaii never have clearances this good :(

    awesome haul!

  6. Hello friend, I want have some nail jars of your country? how can we do?


  7. Nice haul! I'll have to get out to CVS.

  8. That's some haul!!
    Have fun with all this!!

  9. Wow! What great prices!!! Great job!


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