Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoya: Astra

Ugh Astra how you are such a liar.  This is a glitter bomb of a polish, Zoya's Astra.  Looking at this polish in the bottle you can see red glitter that has a pink tone, silver glitter suspended in a clear base, and you think it would be fun.

 This formula was a nightmare for me to apply. I would have had better luck using my loose glitter for this type of manicure.  I laid down a coat of Wet N Wild's Black Creme and then two coats of Astra.  Now, I use the word "coats" loosely as I was trying to paint in the bald spots and get some on my tips via dabbing.

I'm just not good at working with polishes like this.  They take long to dry, are a disaster when removing and they never cover the way I'd like them to. 

That being said, this would make a really pretty top coat over a silver or a red polish, even a brown polish.  I could actually see me layering this one for the holidays or between OPI's Do You Think I'm Tex-y and making a candy mani, but on it's own, it's a dislike for me. 
Have you applied major glitter polishes? Any tips for me?


  1. I have Astra too and can't say I am a huge fan of it either, but when I have used it, I put similar red color on first that way bald spots get hidden one you put Astra on, and I use a really thick layer of topcoat to smooth it all out!! :)

  2. I'll have to try the red underneath and may be like two coats of SV on top.. you're awesome Amber!

  3. Load the brush with polish and spread. Filling in the bald spots always seems to make the bald spots bigger for me. :( I don't even know what it is, but I would love to see a candy mani from you with this.

  4. pgp- a candy mani is a glitter bomb sandwiched between a jelly.. how about I try OPI Glow up Already and Do you Think I'm Tex-y? :D I'll work on that post for you


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