Monday, May 23, 2011

Purple and Black Water Marble

 I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen's Black Out to water marble with because my Wet N Wild Black Creme wasn't cutting it. I reached for an untried I had, Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet which is a smokey purple creme.

Bite the Bullet would be pretty on it's own but I wanted to water marble with two colors so I grabbed Black Out and went at it.  I've been having problems marbling lately and for some reason, my tap water is better than filtered water.

These two polishes were great to marble with, they spread fast and even and are dark enough to not lose their true color when I dipped my nails into the water.

 Have a look at my right and left hand :D I also broke my left ring finger's nail but I decided to file them all down and just use my regular hand to take pictures because, well, that's real life- nails do break.

I've shown you all some marbles on my friends that have short nails and marbles look really good on short nails if you get the design tight and distinct.  Just because your nails aren't long, doesn't mean you cannot try water marbling, do what you like!
What do you think of water marbling with just two colors? In most cases I think I like it better than with 3 or 4 colors because you can focus more on the design and if the colors merge, there's less additional colors that are made from mixing/overlapping. 


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