Saturday, May 14, 2011

La Rosa Purple Sparkly Crackle

 I seriously love this crackle polish. It's La Rosa. It's a random polish I found at the place I get all my polishes from. I had never heard of it before and this purple was the first one I had picked up. They have a TON of different colors: white, different blues, silver, black, purple, orange, golds, corals... you name it.

Most of them have shimmer too. This polish almost has a holo glitter in it, it's very faint, you can see different colors in the glitter. It's by far my favorite crackle I own.

It applies like regular polish as well and the consistency is that of a normal lacquer- it's not goopy.  It does not crack as fast as OPI Black Shatter but I like the way it looks much better.  I put it over China Glaze Platinum. I like this mani, I'm sure I'll find other polishes to wear the purple shimmery crackle over :D


  1. I love it! It super cute! I which I could find it here.

  2. WOAH are you going to B2B???? I don't have twitter, I have to talk to you like this lol

  3. LOL Obsessed you crack me up! no b2b for me but one of my twitter followers is going. happy drinking lol how can you live in the bay and not have twitter :D you should fix that! ;)

  4. I am SO intrigued by this La Rosa brand you've been mentioning. Do you know where you can buy them online?


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