Saturday, May 21, 2011

OPI Purple Skittles and Mash Stamping

For my first OPI skittles mani, I chose (L-R) Rumples Wiggin', Planks Alot, Funky Dunkey, Purple With a Purpose, OPI Ink.  I stamped with Wet N Wild Metallica.
 Here's my right hand, on my left I did the pattern in the opposite direction for funsies.

(It looks like my left hand because I accidently flipped it when I was editing it... but really it's my right)

 I stamped using Metallica because I wanted it to show but not dominate the purples... it kind of worked.  I really like the stamp I chose because it makes the purples all look swirly and more fun than just a boring image.

Here's a close up of my right thumb with OPI Ink under Metallica.

I topped everything off with a coat of SV. Overall I like this look and I think I'd try it with more of my purples to get a better contrast.

What do you guys think, have you worn this look before? It's brand new to me :) Also, what do you think of the next giveaway being a bunch of different crackle polishes? or a combo of crackle and art stuff?


  1. I love skittles!
    And with the same stamping it's awesome!
    I love it like that!

  2. I love this purple skittles, I was planning to do this with blue, I have to many blues in my collection.
    I really like the design with silver.

  3. Skittles + purple= win
    Skittles + purple + stamping= mega winning!

  4. I like the Funky Dunkey with the Metallica.


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