Sunday, May 22, 2011

OPI Russian Navy & Gold Crackle

When I posted Zoya's Stacy under La Rosa's gold crackle, someone wanted to see it over a dark color... well...

Here it is... The darkest blue I have is OPI's Russian Navy Matte.  I really don't like this combo and I'm not sure if it's because the matte needed a top coat for the crackle to break up more.

It looks dirty to me. If it had broken up more, I may be on board with this combo because the gold crackle is really pretty and shimmery, but like this, not so much.

The key to making this look better may be to:
1) top coat the matte before adding crackle
2) put the crackle on thick so it does not show the navy below it
3) make sure it's all dry before you add the crackle

Those are the 3 things I'd do differently. My nails remind me of being antiqued or something... not a huge fan but I wouldn't call it a complete fail because there are other things I can try with this manicure to improve the overall look.


  1. I don't think the color combo worked out so while . But the crackle itself and the base color itself is beautiful .

  2. I think your right, the matte finish gives the crackle something to grip to, causing it not to crackle as much. You don't see enough of the "Russian Navy". Post another picture if you try it again with the top coat before the crackle. It would be interesting to see the difference.

  3. Hmm sorry it didn't work out with the navy! It crackled much more over the red you paired it with, and looks much more bronze here. I've just painted my nails an indigo blue and you've inspired me to try my gold crackle again!x


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