Friday, May 13, 2011

Revlon: Espresso and La Rosa White Crackle

 Revlon's Espresso is so pretty! Forget Spring colors, I wear darks year round :)  I got this polish from Carolina at Colores de Carol in a giveaway.  I must say this is the second Revlon Top Speed polish I've tried and they're quite awesome.  They dry super fast and are highly pigmented.

Espresso is a rich brown and it has shimmer to it! I took a close up shot for you to enlarge and appreciate the shimmer. I applied two coats.

In an effort to try out the new La Rosa crackles that I got, I ruined this mani. I have to say, I am NOT a fan of white crackle.  It looks like there is just white out or house paint on your nails. 

Also, the white did not crack as well as the other colors I have from them.  Thought I'd share the fail picture with you guys but seriously, just admire Espresso because it is very pretty :D


  1. Now that you said that about house paint, It does remind me of a window sill in an apartment I once had. They covered brown with white and it looked like the picture above.

  2. that last picture looks like crackle cookies! :)

  3. Cookies sound yummy, this last picture is just not-yummy! lol


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