Sunday, June 26, 2011

BYS: Bright Purple (mood polish)

I have never tried a mood color changing polish before so I was skeptical. I thought I'd have to dunk my hand in water in order for it to change colors, but I didn't.  This is BYS Bright Purple. It changes from a pink (when you're warm) to a purple (when you're cool).  

I did 2 coats, which went on easy and the formula did not smell too bad. It also has a little bit of a shimmer to it.  You can enlarge the pictures to see it.  This whole idea of mood changing or temperature changing polishes are very clever and creative.  

The only downside I found to this polish was that it did not like staying on the tips of my nails and if you have short nails, chances are they will always be pink and not purple. But the nice side is, it does change and it looks interesting on the nail.  After doing nail art, I can't say that I'd want to get another color changing polish but it is a great idea for those who have longer nails and don't do nail art or just want something simple that is one bottle of polish and has an effect to it.  

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  1. ooo that's interesting.. how it turns purple only at your tips looks sort of like a gradient lol

  2. I like how they change on the tips lol My cousin picked up a China Glaze mood polish for her daughter at a nail salon and I tried it out. Did the same thing! Love it!

  3. Personally I like mood changing polishes. I have short nails, but poor circulation so I can get different effects throughout the day XD

  4. Jaded: LOL glad you can benefit from the effect haha I should have my short nailed friends try this out!
    Belle: it's a great idea for a kids polish! (mental note)

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    I love your blog with passion!
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  6. I love how it creates the gradient look without having to create it yourself. My daughter would be walking around doing things just to make them change color. Who sells this polish? My daughter and I are going to Seattle next month and plan on a big polish haul. Living on an Island makes it hard to find the latest products.

  7. Your nails are always beautiful and manicured gorgeous looking. never seen or used any mood changing polish before. Pink to purple? amazing. I can see how your tips didn;t take teh change but who cares it looks so beautiful on your nails. Kudos!


    George :)


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