Monday, June 27, 2011

Del Sol: Electrick!

I am a child of the 80s -- I grew up during a time when neons were all the rage and Hypercolor was the coolest thing to wear. So, I was super excited when I got my hands on a bottle of Del Sol nail polish -- it promises the color change of Hypercolor, except you don't have to get your hands warm/cold to prompt the change; UV rays do the work!

Unfortunately, I was let down by this polish on many levels. First, application-wise, I had some major problems with streaking; you can see that my middle finger (currently patched) in particular suffered from the unforgiving formula. I am sure that the foil finish made things that much more worse, as we all know how difficult some foils can be to work with.

But worst of all -- I didn't get a significant color change from this polish. The Del Sol site shows a polish that goes from green, outdoors, to blue when away from UV light, but instead I ended up with a bluish-green color in both environments. Happily, they do have a money-back guarantee, so I can't say for sure if the issue was my particular batch of polish or what.

I may try one more time with this polish in the dark, with the windows closed... I'll let you know what happens.


  1. My local drug store had a two-for-one sale on Del Sol once. I was really excited and bought two colours, Surfer Girl and another.

    Biggest disappointment in polish ever!

    Surfer Girl was light pink and was supposed to turn orange. On the nail it was white with a frost finish that showed brush strokes no matter how I applied it. Also it barely changed colour.

    I was thinking about giving the brand another shot with another colour, but if you are having the same issues it is probably the way the brand is in general

  2. I saw a orange one that becomes black or was the other way around. That was a huge change, but maybe the store lights are made for the change?

  3. That's weird ^^'
    I have the same and the changment is really important )=
    I have ruby slippers and it also is great..
    Too bad

  4. That's strange. Hope it isn't the brand. They promise such great things!

  5. booooo it was a nice colour though

  6. A girlfriend of mine has one, it goes from red to kind of nude, but it does work. Sorry about the lackluster performance for you, that's so sad! Makes me leery for sure.

  7. I hope round 2 works for you - I can't wait to see it!

  8. i have 'rock star'... and same thing happens - no change of color... but i'll give it another chance, maybe the sun wasn't bright enough ;-(


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