Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Private Jet Frankened

 My most favorite polish ever is the latest OPI's My Private Jet.  This delicious brown shimmery, flecky white pieces.  This was my used bottle which was half full (have a back up of this color).

I added black holo glitter to it... then decided it didn't show enough so I added silver holo glitter to it.... ya...

It looks pretty on but you have to look carefully for the glitter since it's such a dark base color. I also added some clear polish to thin it out/add more polish for the glitter.

These poses are modeled by my lovely sister in law :) Can you believe she doesn't really have a regime to her nail care?! So pretty!


  1. I love your version!
    It looks really awesome.

  2. wow, gorgeous, love it, you've done good job ;-D

  3. yes what a nice polish :)

  4. That's really pretty :) It's almost like what it SHOULD be

  5. This is so gorgeous . You've brought this color to a new height .

  6. thanks everyone! I added thinner to it so it's a bit easier to shake up now and get the glitter distributed!


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