Friday, June 10, 2011

Color Club: Sexy Siren

Sexy Siren from Color Club is so pretty! It's a teal blue glitter in a clear base- a total glitter bomb :) This is my sister in law modeling again. I used two coats of SS and no top.

I didn't use  a top coat because it was coming right off to swatch another polish (my sister in law loved this process as she found it relaxing and like an endless manicure lol). Eventually I water marbled her nails for her as a full mani for being so awesome (post to come later).

So not  only is this polish a beautiful teal glitter bomb, but it also has holographic glitter in it... check out the blurred picture close up... nice right!

The picture may almost be too blurry but you can see it in the bottle too.  The great thing about this formula is that it covers even in two coats and is thick but not goopy, which makes it easier for someone like me who doesn't have much patience/experience with glitter bombs.... *see Astra post!* LOL

What do you guys think? Great for summer toes right?!


  1. I love this, it reminds me of CG Atlantis.
    Definitely I'll wear this on my toes.

  2. I am in a huge phase for glitter bombs so I am loving this one!!

  3. I want it ! I have to have it ! It's too gorgeous .

  4. I love two coat glitters! I wish I could buy CC around here, but I have to order them otherwise I'd pick this up! Thanks!


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