Saturday, June 11, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute: Anamorphic Lash Mascaras Summer 2011

 Recently I was surprised with these three beauties from Le Metier de Beaute :)  I have never swatched mascara so bare with me.  I will also try to do an evening post of polish for you as well.  From left to right we have: Jade, Aubergine and Midnight Blue.  There was also a lash growth serum in the package, which is being tried out over a period of time and I'll review later.
These are from the Anamorphic Lash Collection.

 Get three-dimensional lashes for a wide-eyed look.
  • Conditions as it thickens for a soft, touchable look.
  • Anti-clump brush and volume-building formula define lashes without clumps.
  • Long wearing, smudge-proof, and easy-off formula.
  • Free of tar, mercury and charcoal.
  • Contact lens safe; hypoallergenic
Jade is an olive deep green that's rich in depth. Midnight Blue is a true blue that reminds me of a lighter navy hue and Aubergine is a deep purple plum.  I swatched on my hand so you could see the true color of the mascaras and how pigmented they are. One of the things I really enjoyed with these was the formula, I had no clumps and my lashes did not stick together.

Here's a picture using the Penelope Kaleidoscope eye kit and Midnight Blue on the right and Aubergine on the left. I didn't curl my lashes before I applied the mascaras because I wanted to show how they don't stick together.

Another fabulous thing about this mascara is not only is it clump free but it is soft to the touch and doesn't flake off if you touch your lashes after you apply it.  I have really sensitive eyes and this mascara did not bother me at all after a full active day of wearing it. Between the light feel of the Penelope kit and the Anamorphic mascaras, I felt like I wasn't wearing eye make up- it was awesome. I forgot I had on eye make up at one point.

The wand and the shape of it, it's really soft but still holds the mascara well. Included in the package was also and eye lash curler. By far the best curler I have used.  It's cushy and curls great!

Le Metier de Beaute can be found online at:
Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom
Or you can look for your closest retailer here.
The mascaras retail for $34 ea, the curler is $18, the lash serum is $95. 

For make up application tips, you can watch LMdB's wonderful make up artists on YouTube, and you can follow them on Twitter @MetierBeaute for great tips and links to their make up gurus!


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