Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deborah Lippmann IKWBL and GITA

I wanted to take the periwinkle blue from Spring/Summer 2011 and add Glitter in the Air over it. I really like the way it came out.

I have never layered Glitter in the Air over a darker polish so I was a bit concerned.. It turned out kinda streaky because it is in such a milky base, but instead of adding another coat to even it out, I let it be because I reminded me of clouds. Really simple mani but it's quite pretty. I like the fact that Glitter in the Air is in a milky base and it changes the color of the darker polishes.  A top coat would most likely just add sparkle, but this does sparkly and changes the color of the polish a bit. I like it.

I thought I'd post an idea fail for you guys as well...

 When I think jelly like Yellow Brick Road, I instantly want to sandwich glitter between layers of it. I grabbed Glitter in the Air and attempted this.  So sad, I wanted this to work so bad! It didn't look that bad in person but it's just not that awesome. So here you go, a mani fail from yours truly. At least the colors on their own are total wins!!

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  1. I actually like it with the yellow better

  2. Both of these look great! And I agree, it reminds me of clouds too!

  3. I tagged you!

  4. PS Tagged you for the Top 10 Award!!!!!

  5. I love both of these colors , I am liking the yellow more though! Very Nice!


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