Friday, June 17, 2011

Rainbow and Nail Striping Tape Mani

I've been getting alot of questions lately about where I get my nail striping tape and how to use it etc.  You can get it on ebay and most nail art websites, and you can view my video oh how to do this on the Manicured Monkey YouTube channel along with the "Monkey on YouTube" tab at the top of the page.

Onto the mani:
I used Zoya Pheobe (blue), Orly VaVaVoom (hot pink) and Color Club Feelin' Groovy (neon green) and Revvvolution (black holo).  This mani was kind of intense to do and took lots of coats of SV. Here's the order I did this in:
 - 2 coats of Feelin' Groovy
- coat of SV (wait til dry and tape off with striping tape to do pink (tape was placed just on the top side of the pink, and I painted all the way to the nail tip))

-2 coats of VaVaVoom
-coat of SV (tape off again, (tape placed where the top of the blue sits, then painted down)
- two coats of Pheobe
-coat of SV
- cut nail striping tape and strategically place in designs
- One coat of Revvvolution over it all
-Carefully peel off the tape
-final coat of SV

So as you can tell it's a bit of a process but the result, I think, is awesome. 

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  1. I loooooove this!!!
    I hope you don't mind if a copy this manicure.

  2. Holy Moly! that rocks! *Goes to watch video on youtube*

  3. This is so cute and original! I like it a lot. :)

  4. I LOVE the nails with Revvvolution on them!

  5. Wow! girl, this beautiful,the enamel has arrived, very happy.

  6. I have been looking and looking for the nail tape and, after seeing this, I want it more then ever! Sigh - must continue my search.

  7. This looks amazing!! I love all of the colors and the holo.

    I tagged you for an award! Go to my blog for details(:

  8. omg, this mani looks so cool!
    i don't have that much patience to do this though. >_<

  9. This is a great mani! I cannot wait to try on my own. Brilliant!

  10. that's so creative omggg love it

  11. The middle finger reminds me of a laser light show! I love it.

  12. thanks everyone! I really love this mani, I appreciate all the great comments!


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