Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wet N Wild: Sea of Dreams and nail art

Check it out! Sea of Dreams from Wet N Wild's Mermaid's Cove collection!This is kind of a big deal because in California, I have not heard of one person finding this collection. Dear Wet N Wild, step it up!!

Moving right along, this is a real gentle mauve/rose polish that has shimmers of gold and pink.  I did 3 coats to be opaque. 

Since the collection is ocean themed, I wanted to do stamping but couldn't bring myself to cover over all the pretty shimmers so I did an accent finger. 

Using Wet N Wild Metallica, I stamped a sea horse from my Mash plate onto my ring finger. Then, using a mega awesome blue I got in a swap from that amazing Tata, I outlined the seahorse.  This glitter is amazing! The brand is Hits and it's blue square glitter in a blue jelly base that's super pigmented and stays together, no clumping or second coat/touch up needed.  I need more of this polish in my life!

There's a close up of the accent finger, check out the glitter! The only thing that was bad about Sea of Dreams is that it's such a shimmer that you  can see the patch on my middle finger o_O   But that's ok, because it's such an easy polish to apply, dries quick and shines with a top coat. 

If you found this collection and are in California, where'd you see it? 

Update on the giveaway: I added nail striping tape so you can try out my nail striping manis, and will be adding at least one other polish when more followers join us :-)


  1. oh my this mani is freakin gorgeous!

  2. wow this mani is amazingly cool!

  3. This looks very nice. I didn't find that collection in here :(

  4. I love your accent nail! The glitter is amazing! :)

  5. LOVE your accent nail! Its adorable! Great mani!

  6. LOVE the accent nail! it's so cute!

  7. Cool! I had no idea this one was so nice. I don't get the name though.


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