Sunday, July 31, 2011

OPI: Movin Out

I recently picked up OPI Movin' Out off Ebay. I thought I'd give an oldie a try and see how it was.  I laid down a base of Skin Food Taupe (as I'm calling it) and then 2 coats of Movin' Out. This polish is from before the lacquers were 3 free (ya, they have chemicals in them) and it smelled strong.  The polish is a shimmer that is really amazing. Over this color it really showed it's gold and rose side.

There is the ever slightest hint of green in it and will flash if its in the proper light.

I put black tips on thinking it would be fun (if you remember I already had the black tips from the Skin Food taupe post) so I just taped off my tips again with nail striping tape and painted the tips. I re-painted rather than just taping off and painting only Movin' Out because I wanted the black more clean and straight. I wasn't satisfied with them the first time I tried over Skin Food. I wish I would have taken pictures of this in the sunlight because it is so shiny and glassy looking. Really a great polish .. I suggest enlarging the pictures so you can see the shimmer and flecks of awesome. 


  1. The base color is so pretty. I love the black tips!

  2. I love funky frenches, I do them all the time! This is awesome

  3. Movin'Out is really pretty! and I wish I could do a tape mani as neat as yours!

  4. I bought this color recently too. It is great for layering, love it!

  5. I just ordered Movin' Out off ebay too ... I saw some swatches that made it look very Clarins 230 like. That's what I'm hoping to achieve with it ... maybe if I put it over black, or red/burgundy?

  6. Hi, please check my blog tomorrow as I have nominated you for "Sunshine Award".


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