Thursday, July 28, 2011

Skin Food: Taupe Shimmer

I have another awesome Skin Food polish for you today. We'll call this one a Taupe Shimmer (because remember, they don't have names, just numbers).

I applied 2 coats but you can get away with one, no problem. These polishes are so pigmented I love it!!  It's a taupe but it has a gold/champagne shimmer to it that is so pretty and eye catching.

I wanted to try my first funky french so I added black tips... they didn't exactly come out perfect but meh, it's ok because I changed the mani up after. You will have to wait and see how I changed it!

I like the look of black tips but I'm not crazy about them on this color.  It reminded me of a tuxedo for some reason.. but a brownish one. I like my revamp of it better.. stay tuned for that in a different post. I have a ways to go with perfecting the black tips but it wasn't too shabby for the first round. I mostly just wanted to show you the awesome Skin Food polish!

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  1. I love brown nail polish, & the black tips are also very cute. But I think they would look better if the nail polish would be pink or green or something. Because now it doesn't really catches the eye. (did I say that right?) :D

  2. I love this color combo-but I love all browns! I do the funky french all the time-try turning the brush perpendicular to your nail and move your finger, not the brush-it actually really works much better-so the side of the brush is painting the nail-hope that makes sense

  3. I love the black tips. It looks so great on that polish!

  4. Cute with the tips. This color (for me) is not that unique. I have been collecting so long though, it's hard to find shades in this range I have not seen before.

  5. nice colour!
    lucky that you can get your hands on skin foods. how do you find their polishes?

  6. BC- I did a swap with someone who lives in Hong Kong


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