Monday, September 19, 2011

BK: 13 holo

Happy holo Monday everyone! Recently I did a swap again with Charlene from Hong Kong and got some major awesome stuff. This is a new brand to my blog called BK and the number is 13. It's a silver holographic that was opaque in one coat. That's right folks, one coat! As you may be able to tell the bottle is small but since it's a one coat holographic I'm 100% OK with that :-) Check out the rainbow, it's awesome. This formula is different from the China Glaze IDK and DV8 because it's more coarse holo. Does that make sense? It's not such a fine grit holo pattern but a chunkier more reflective holo, it's awesome. I have two more holos from BK to show you and they too do not disappoint! If the holo is not close up enough for you, you can still enlarge my collages. 
Update: picked up some more polishes for the giveaway, I think you will like it :-)


  1. haha #13 looks great on you! I think i'll go and buy one for myself now :P

  2. Wow!!
    a great polish!
    I love it!
    It's the brand sold by Bornpretty store I believe!

  3. RON- It looks like they do sell this brand, I don't see the holos though.. nice eye!

  4. This one is a winner ! =)

  5. I need to get my hands on a holo! Scratch that, I need to get a holo on my hands!

    By the way, I am sorta new to your blog. You have great swatches and lovely nails. :)


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