Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cult Nails: Iconic

Over Labor day, Cult Nails had a sale so I purchased a few, this one is great and a current pedicure! Meet Iconic. It's a great candy apple/dark red with gold flakies in it.

I used two coats and it applied like butter, was great! It looks purple in the bottle but on the nail it is very much a pretty red polish.

The flakies are very subtle until you look at it in light. You can see from the pictures in my light box that where the light shines directly against the polish you see gold, where it doesn't you see the rich red.

What do you guys think... flakie enough? We're also almost to 700 public followers and the giveaway.... makes me giddy as a gibbon! You all rock!


  1. Oh that's one of the best reds I've seen. Of course it would have been great with more flakes, but it's pretty nonetheless

  2. I just love red sparkly polish...my new fave is China Glaze Ruby Slippers (I think...) but this one has more interesting glitter! Beautiful! Also, I'm your 699th follower! 1 more to go!

  3. 700 and found you because I am part of the Cult!! Love the new base/top coats!!!!!!!

  4. I. Need. To. Purchase. Some. Cult. Polish!!

  5. I so want Iconic - it is just beautiful! I don't think I have seen a bad swatch photo of it yet!

  6. I just got this polish in the mail and I can't wait to use it!


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