Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Post: Notes and Nails' Carolyn!

Carolyn is blogging for you today! Be sure to say hello and give her great blog a look, she's pretty awesome :) 

Hi everyone! First I'd like to say thank you to The Manicured Monkey for the chance to guest post for her! Today I have a fun combination with a lot of popular nail trends right now. I always start off using OPI Nail Envy for strength and growth. For this mani I used Butter London Rosie Lee, Wet and Wild Silvivor and ($1 find!) Nabi Cinnamon. For my pinky, I did a simple french mani with a Silver base with the pink tips. For my ring finger I jumped on the glitter trend, using one coat of Nabi Cinnamon and layering with two coats of Butter London Rosie Lee. On my middle finger, I used the half moon style with the ever-so-helpful hole punch reinforcer stickers to make the lines just right. And finally for my index finger, I painted two coats of Wet and Wild Silvivor and two coats of Nabi Cinnamon. I topped these off with Essie Good to Go. All of these trends are so fun and simple to do! Whether you like playing one at a time or all at once (like I do!) it's a great and easy way to change up your look. Please check out my blog at where I not only cover nail trends, art and numerous shades- but also my love (and obsession!) for music! You can also find me on twitter @notesandnails. Thanks again to the Manicured Monkey, one of the bloggers that supported me from the very beginning!

Carolyn xo

Thanks Carolyn! Love this twist on the half moon mani, also something new to my blog! 
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  1. LOVE that this is all crazy metallic business, fantastic polish choices!

  2. I hope your trip includes the Big Island, there is a lot to see here. The observatories on Mauna Kea offer an amazing view of the night sky. Kilauea volcano is a must see. There are also some pretty waterfalls on the east side of the island.

  3. hey Jim! We went to Maui then to the old standby of Oahu, headed home soon... big island next time :) and we can get pedis


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