Friday, October 14, 2011

Comparison: Mummy May I v. Prowler

I have a comparison post for you today (ask and you shall receive). China Glaze Mummy May I verses Wet N Wild Prowler. With Halloween right around the corner, I thought this would be a great time to show you Mummy may I but then I had a friend point out that the Prowler she had given me is a close dupe for it (you know you have too many untrieds when you don't recognize your own dupes!). Both sit in a sheer black base and the color of the glitter is what I would call the same.  The differences are Mummy May I has larger more sparse purple/pink glitter that you can see better over black (both layered over black btw). Prowler has smaller glitter and lots more of it! I would say that Prowler is a good replacement for MMI but only if you like the color and are not interested in having larger glitter or if you don't want to pay more than the $99 Prowler usually is. I did a coat of black creme from Wet N Wild underneath and one coat each of the glitters. Which is your favorite?
I'd wear Prowler if I wanted a mani that had interest but was not in the glitter mood, and Mummy May I if I wanted to show off the glitter as the main event. 


  1. Nice comparison -- the differences are subtle but definitely there!

  2. They're really similar!!
    No need for the two for me ^^
    Thanks for the comparison!

  3. Great comparisons! Both are very similar.

  4. I'd love to see this against Julep Chloe too!


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