Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BK: 17 - mauve holo

Another BK polish today, this one is #17 and it's a beaute! It's a raspberry mauve holo, or at least that's what I would call it because it's tone is that of raspberry but it's muted like a mauve. This little bottle of pretty came from Hong Kong in a swap and it includes diamond dust in the polish. Not sure how much that affects the holo, but I'm loving this polish either way :) I used two coats and a top coat of SV. Even though the bottles are small, you could get opaque in one coat with a steady hand, it would really be one of those polishes though that you don't go crazy using for not so special occasions. Savor the holo ;-) I've been trying to get through my untrieds for you, so you will probably see lots of glitter posts in the upcoming weeks LOL (can you tell I've been avoiding them!). But for today, enjoy the holo that is BK 17! If you need more holo in your life, Harri from Trailerhood Chic is having a holo week in honor of her birthday :)

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  1. holos are always gorgeous and this one is great! BK polishes seem really wonderful!!


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