Thursday, November 10, 2011

Butter London: Big Smoke

Really love this twist on a Fall navy color. Meet Butter London Big Smoke.  A rich shimmery navy polish that is opaque in 2 coats. Really love Butter London! The shimmer is great in this polish because it adds a little more fun to the otherwise flat navy for fall. I wore this mani to a wedding which was held at a museum, seemed appropriate at the time. I stamped using Not a Gold Bigger from Nicole OPI (love stamping with this gold shimmery polish!). I used my Bundle Monster 2 plates for the fishnet design. It was a bit hard to stamp, so you can see I messed up a bit but overall, not a bad mani. It was interesting and I love that you can see the main color underneath the stamp because, let's be real, Big Smoke is gorgeous.

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  1. Stunning manicure. I love this shade of blue.

  2. Big Smoke is beautiful...and I don't notice any stamping did a great job!

  3. That is a fantastic navy blue, I totally dig it! How do you keep your nails in such great shape? The weather is so dry right now, If mine grow out past a certain short length they break :/ Thanks, Stacy

  4. Stacy, I use a crystal nail file so it cuts down on peeling and I use lots and lots of lotion during the winter (esp at night rubbed into your cuticles) your nails should have a little flex in them and the lotion remoisturizes it

  5. ohh!! such a gorgeous color! and great mani!


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