Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wet N Wild: Cost is No Issue

I have a few polishes from the Wet N Wild Ice Baby limited edition collection to show you but this one I wanted to highlight all by itself. Cost is No Issue is a great steel blue small glitter with large teal hex glitter. I did not use a top coat on this and you can see how shiny it comes out.I did 3 coats with the exception of my middle finger, that was 2 so I could macro it and show you the glitters (you can enlarge the picture if you need to). Since these are limited editions, they are once again hard to find, but even I found them so may be the stores ordered more because it's a holiday collection. You can check out Nouveau Cheap and her interactive map to see if they're spotted in your area. Like I said, I have others to show you from this collection (as skittles) but this one looked awesome solo. I wouldn't mind going through the trouble of taking this glitter off... so worth it.

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