Monday, November 7, 2011

OPI Rainbow Connection v. Finger Paints Fun-fetti v. SOPI Sparktacular

Ok with all the chunky rainbow colored glitters out, here's a few of the latest as a comparison. All three pictures are from different sources so they're not uniform in lighting but, do enlarge the picture and you can see great details. Let's start off with the comparison:

OPI Rainbow Connection: Hex glitter (large, medium and small), all in orange, gold, pink, silver (most), blue and green all in clear base

Finger Paints Fun-fetti:  large hex in blue, red, green, purple, gold, silver and orange, small hex glitter in the same colors and small round glitters in green - all in a clear base

Sephora by OPI Sparktacular: Small round in pink, blue orange, large hex glitter in orange, pink, blue and green. Has very small glitter that dominates any "empty space"

In my opinion, Sparktacular and Rainbow Connection are close enough to be good substitutes for one another. My favorite out of the three is Finger Paints because it has more of the large hex glitter and it's defined more, I don't feel like the large glitter gets lost in the small glitters. But really, if you're not a polish enthusiast or a glitter lover, you would have a hard time telling the difference between any of these.. Anyone have a favorite?


  1. There is also one by Milani that is close enough & I think it's the cheapest of the bunch so u def don't need all of them. Thanks for the comparison!

  2. I think I like Sparktacular the least and Fun-fetti the most- now I definitely have to order it!

  3. Fun Fetti reminds me a tish more like DL Happy B'day. I don't have anywhere to buy any of these but the OPI. Since I have DL Happy b'day, unless I get a gift of any of the others, sticking with that one, esp since glitter is not high on my favs due to removal issues or lumpy finishes - but that's just me. Love sparkle - hate the down sides of full on glitters.


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