Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finger Paints: Twisted

My friend picked up 4 of the Finger Paints new Special Effects Collection (see press release here). Twisted is my favorite from this collection. I love the neon green, blue and the orange and slightly gold/yellow flakes. I layered it over Wet N Wild Black Creme and one coat of Twisted. I wanted to see how this compared to Cult Nails' Clairvoyant so I did a wheel... from left to right: Clairvoyant, 2 coats twisted, motley & asylum, asylum and twisted (I think that's what I did anyways). But you can see that the last one and the second from left are creeping up on Clairvoyant as "close enough" dupes. pretty awesome if you ask me. Tomorrow I have 3 of the OPI Holland polishes for you to check out.

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